Special Projects

PRIME CFO can supplement your existing staff if they are preoccupied with their day- to- day responsibilities and don’t have the time to handle special financial projects. If there is confidential information involved that you don’t want others to see, we can help you.

Litigation Support.

We provide consultation and advice to attorneys in lawsuits involving business damages. We also assist clients with claim documentation, cost segregation and financial analysis. We work side by side with attorneys, CPA firms and client personnel to provide financial consulting and dispute advisory services.

Audit Preparation.

PRIME CFO can help your company prepare for an audit. We will organize the accounting records, provide account reconciliations, draft financial statements including footnotes, and liaison with the independent auditing firm.

Transaction Services

If you have a need for specific transaction support, such as a corporate property acquisition or disposition, asset sale or divestiture, we can help guide your transaction to a successful conclusion.

CFO Support

PRIME CFO provides support to existing CFOs in situations where the company is experiencing rapid growth and lacks the internal resources necessary to complete the multitude of simultaneous, time-sensitive tasks. PRIME CFO will step in and work with your existing management team, including your full time CFO, to efficiently complete these projects.

Family Offices / High Net Worth Individuals

PRIME CFO supports family offices and high net worth individuals. Our services include:

  • Centralization: Organizing all personal and family financial information.
  • Financial management & reporting: We create family budgets, cash flow projections, consolidated portfolio reporting, property cash flow, personal balance sheet, debt consolidation.
  • Taxes: We can coordinate & monitor all personal, business, estate & gift tax return filings, so you know where you stand at all times from a compliance perspective.
  • Manage relationships: Let PRIME CFO coordinate your financial affairs with other professional advisors – estate attorneys, tax advisors, brokers and investment managers, freeing you up from managing multiple service providers.
  • Business advisory services –In addition to our family office support and personal financial services, we also provide business consulting and transaction advisory services for your privately held businesses.

Employee assessment, training and management

We can manage the existing financial staff at your company, at a frequency you determine. PRIME CFO provides skills assessment and training to existing financial staff so they become more knowledgeable and valuable to your organization and perform their functions more effectively. We also evaluate head count and advise if it’s time to increase or decrease the level of full time staff equivalents.

New Business Formation

PRIME CFO provides advice to new businesses when it comes to choosing the right form of entity. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each entity type (sole proprietorship, S-corporation, C-corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership) so you can make an informed decision when structuring your new business.

Financial Restructuring

PRIME CFO works with management, counsel and other stakeholders to develop and implement restructuring plans that can help return troubled companies to profitability. Our services include assessing feasibility of business plans, identifying revenue opportunities, financial advisory, Interim CFO services, cash management, lender and creditor negotiation, new financing, expense reduction initiatives, and more.